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Severe Weather Arrangements


Abernethy Primary School


Parents and staff should always consider the possibility that the school may be closed due to severe weather disruption caused by snow, ice, flood, storm damage, loss of power etc.

The school will communicate closure via:

·         School website : abernethyprimary.org.uk

·         Twitter: @abernethyps

·         Groupcall text if possible

·         PKC website : http://www.pkc.gov.uk/schoolclosures

·         Radio Tay & Radio Central

·         Headteacher will contact all staff and Parent Council Chair

·         Janitor will put a notice on school gates

Please do not phone the school directly to find out if it closed

N.B. In the event of power failure websites and phonelines may not work.

In the event of Abernethy Primary School being closed, staff have a duty to report to their nearest open school if safe to do so.